The robot built to take care of your outdoor property.

RUNO is the autonomous multi-functional robot that can take care of your outdoor maintenance tasks.


Whether it’s your parking lot, walkway, courtyard, or another outside venue, RUNO can easily be there to take care of outdoor chores. Best of all, RUNO requires absolutely no annoying boundary wires ever.


Starting in 2019, RUNO will be capable of sweeping, but there’s more to come!


Demos and pilots are currently underway. If you are located in the California Bay Area, click the button below to schedule a demo to see RUNO in person now!

For all Non-California based ViaBot fans, send us a demo request to let us know where you want to see RUNO go next!



Our revolutionary robotic platform can take care of multiple outdoor commercial tasks, such as sweeping, lawn mowing, security and more.

Modular Technology

We're building modules to take care of different tasks, so you can allocate time for your workers to take care of more important jobs.

Cheaper Alternative

Save money by using a robot, and free up time for your employees to do more

important tasks.

Running Day or Night

You don't need light for the robot to clean your property.

No Off Days

RUNO can run 365 days a year and never needs a vacation.

Long Runtime

Many hours of run time every charge, leaving your property nice and clean.

Different Modes

Have your robot run autonomously or operate with remote teleop.

Easy Scheduling

Schedule and run everything through the companion app.

24/7 Capability

Have the robot run 24/7

with autonomous

battery swapping.

24/7 Monitoring

You'll always have an eye on your robot, no matter where you are.

Constant Updates

You'll always have access to the newest technology with our over-the-air updates.


Meet The Team

Gregg Ratanaphanyarat

Co-Founder & CEO

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Andre Ding

Co-Founder & CTO

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Franklin Chan

Marketing & Front-End Designer

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John Lee

Lead Software Engineer

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Catherine Nguyen

Operations Engineer

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Xie Fei

Mechanical Engineer

Liao Kai Bin

Mechanical Engineer

Lester Deng

Electrical Engineer

Henry Sohn


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Henry joined ViaBot as an advisor in June. He helped build up Yahoo from its early stages and is a partner at Morado Venture Partners. His expertise is in business development and negotiations.

Karl van Dyk

Engineering Advisor

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Karl van Dyk previously worked at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) for 16 years, on projects ranging from CubeSatellites, Radar (Incoherent scatter Radar, and Penetrating Radar) for the USAF, Wall climbing robots and Laparoscopic surgical instruments. Karl has exceptional expertise in manufacturing,including machining, vacuum form molds, solid modelling, fluid flow dynamics, heat seal tooling, prototyping and even sewing of materials for space items and body suits with electronics sewn in.

Inder Sachdev

Industrial Designer

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Inder is a fan of the simplicity of everyday objects. Objects that hide layers of detail and beauty under a simple facade. His past experiences include some of the most renowned Design Studios in the world designing audio equipment, radiotherapy machines, earphones for JBL, to production robots.

Cyril Ebersweiler


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Cyril founded HAX in 2011. He's worked with over 200 startups and is one of the world's most prolific investors in the hardware space. He frequently speaks at events such as TechCrunch Disrupt, MIT Forum, etc.... and has been featured in The Economist, Popular Mechanics, The New York Times Bloomberg and more.

Kelly Coyne


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Kelly is a co-founder of Grit Ventures and sits on the ViaBot board. She guides us with her experience gained in the world of startups and entrepreneurship around Silicon Valley.

Darshan Bhanushali

Localization and Perception Engineer

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