Our revolutionary robotic platform can take care of multiple outdoor commercial tasks, such as sweeping, lawn mowing, security and more.

Modular Technology

We're building modules to take care of different tasks, so you can allocate time for your workers to take care of more important jobs.

Cheaper Alternative

Save money by using a robot, and free up time for your employees to do more

important tasks.

Running Day or Night

You don't need light for the robot to clean your property.

No Off Days

RUNO can run 365 days a year and never needs a vacation.

Long Runtime

Many hours of run time every charge, leaving your property nice and clean.

Different Modes

Have your robot run alone autonomously or watch what it's doing.

Easy Scheduling

Schedule and run everything through the companion app.

24/7 Capability

Have the robot run 24/7

with autonomous

battery swapping.

24/7 Monitoring

You'll always have an eye on your robot, no matter where you are.

Constant Updates

You'll always have access to the newest technology with our over-the-air updates.

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